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Doctoral exam of Wei Qian

Wei Qian successfully defended her doctoral thesis entitled: "On Brownian loop-soup cluster decompositions and conformal restriction". Congratulations! Read more 


Doctoral exam of Ricardo Campos

Ricardo Campos successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled: "Batalin-Vilkovisky formality and configuration spaces of points". Congratulations! Read more 


Robert Kucharczyk: ETH Fellowship

We are delighted to announce that Dr Robert Kucharczyk has received a fellowship of the ETH Zurich Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme. Read more 


Doctoral exam of Alex Maier

Alex Maier successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled: "On simultaneous equidistributing and nondense points for noncommuting endomorphisms". Congratulations! Read more 


Doctoral exam of Philippe Deprez

Philippe Deprez successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled: "Random graph modeling and network analysis". Congratulations! Read more 

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