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News on mathematics taken from various ETH news channels and the Institute of Theoretical Studies (ETH-ITS).


ETH-ITS Senior Fellow Claire Voisin receives the Shaw prize 2017

Claire Voisin, of the Collège de France, currently Senior Fellow at the ETH Institute for Theoretical Studies, receives the 2017 Shaw Prize in Mathematical Sciences. She shares the prize with János Kollár, of Princeton University. Read more 

06.04.2017 | ETH News

Number theory has no gender

Özlem Imamoglu has been fascinated by the hidden properties of numbers since she was a child. The ETH professor is also committed to helping more women pursue careers in mathematics. Read more 


New Fellows at the ETH-ITS

Gerhard Huisken, Leonid Glazman and Ulrike Riess join the ETH Institute for Theoretical Studies during the Spring Semester. Read more 


Series of lectures hosted by the ETH-ITS

The ETH Institute for Theoretical Studies hosts a series of lectures on collective dynamics, control and imaging, with the aim to establish contacts across disciplines and facilitate exchange of ideas between researchers interested in these subjects from different fields. Read more 

03.03.2017 | D-MATH | ETH News

Mathematics as a key competency

Data collection and analysis is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. This is particularly true for the economic and societal development of poorer nations. That’s why mathematical education in these countries is in urgent need of improvement, as was shown at Wednesday’s Science and Development Forum. Read more 

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