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Mathematics plays an essential role in modern science and society. The Department of Mathematics at ETH Zurich is an internationally recognized reference point for mathematical research and teaching at the highest level. With its broad spectrum of pure and applied mathematics, the Department offers an ideal environment for scientists and students.


With its long history of excellence, the Department of Mathematics conducts highest level research in most areas of pure and applied mathematics. It comprises a number of independent professorships, as well as the Seminar for Applied Mathematics (SAM), the Seminar for Statistics (SfS) and the Institute for Operations Research (IFOR).

The Department benefits extensively from the activities of the Institute for Mathematical Research (FIM). Because of FIM's engagement and its broad visitors programme, it plays an important role in the dissemination and teaching of new ideas and results in all areas of mathematics.

Moreover, the Department of Mathematics collaborates closely with the ETH Institute for Theoretical Studies and the National Centre of Competence in Research SwissMAP, both dedicated to interdisciplinary research. It also enjoys a fruitful collaboration with other departments at ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich. Through RiskLab it has a competence centre in the field of statistical modelling and quantitative risk management for insurance and finance.


Besides its own degree programmes, the Department of Mathematics is responsible for the mathematics courses for all the study programmes offered across ETH Zurich.

Together with the Institute of Mathematics University of Zurich, the Department directs the Zurich Graduate School in Mathematics (ZGSM), one of the largest doctoral schools in mathematics in Europe and worldwide.

Mathematics graduates mainly work in the service sector, administration, industry, and national and international research institutions. The Department offers high-level degree programmes to prepare students for those jobs.

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