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2017 Graduation Ceremony

On Friday 19 May, Mathematics, Statistics and Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) students celebrated the completion of their studies together with their family and friends. Read more 


Doctoral exam of Matthias Kirchner

Matthias Kirchner successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled: "Perspectives on Hawkes processes". Congratulations! Read more 


Doctoral exam of Thomas Cayé

Thomas Cayé successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled: "Trading with small nonlinear price impact, optimal execution and rebalancing of active investments". Congratulations!  Read more 


John Ery: SCOR Fellowship Prize

The 2017 SCOR Fellowship Prize was awarded to John Ery for a collaborative doctoral thesis in the area of actuarial pricing, stochastic claims reserving and capital modelling. Read more 

D-MATH in the Media

21.04.2017 | Tages-Anzeiger

Der Mann, der den Zufall beherrscht

Wendelin Werner von der ETH Zürich erhielt die Fields-Medaille, den «Nobelpreis der Mathematik». Zuvor machte er einen Abstecher in die Schauspielerei. Read more 

13.04.2017 | Quanta Magazine

A new path to equal-angle lines

Equiangular lines are an elemental part of geometry. Mathematicians have discovered a tighter limit on the number of such lines that exist in every dimension. Read more 

10.04.2017 | Zeit Online

"Ich bin gerne frustriert"

Der Mathematiker Vincent Tassion berechnet an der ETH Zürich, wie Wasser durch Kaffeepulver tröpfelt. Read more 

Upcoming events

29 May 2017 - 16:30 - Optimization Seminar
Scheduling jobs with uniform Smith ratios to minimize the weighted sum of completion times – Dr. Christos Kalaitzis (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) in HG G 19.1 

30 May 2017 - 14:15 - Analysis Seminar
Limits of alpha-harmonic maps – Prof. Dr. Tobias Lamm (KIT Karlsruhe) in HG G 43 

30 May 2017 - 15:45 - Analysis Seminar
Gluing constructions for minimal surfaces and related questions – Prof. Dr. Nicos Kapouleas (Brown University) in HG G 43 

Pauli Lectures

Professor Stefan W. Hell

Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen
Max Planck Institute for Medical Research, Heidelberg

Read more


"Der Zufall hat es gut gemeint" – Max Frisch and Gottfried Honegger

11 May - 29 September 2017

Flyer (PDF, 387 KB)

Conferences and workshops

Advances in geometric analysis

6-9 June 2017
Organizers: Gerhard Huisken, Tristan Rivière, Rick Schoen, Michael Struwe
Read more

23rd Rolf Nevanlinna colloquium

12-16 June 2017
Organizers: Zoltan Balogh, Ruth Kellerhals, Urs Lang, Tristan Rivière
Read more

Conference poster

Women in geometry and topology

14-16 June 2017
Organizers: Anton Alekseev, Anna Beliakova, Maria Podkopaeva
Read more

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