Number theory and geometry

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The research field "Number theory and geometry" brings together people in the Department with interests in arithmetic and various aspects of geometry, especially arithmetic and diophantine geometry. The group organizes the Number Theory Seminar and the annual Number Theory Days, jointly with EPF Lausanne.

Özlem Imamoglu
Research interests: analytic number theory, automorphic forms

Peter Jossen
Research interests: arithmetic geometry

Emmanuel Kowalski
Research interests: analytic number theory

Paul Nelson
Research interests: automorphic forms, representation theory and analytic number theory

Richard Pink
Research interests: arithmetic and algebraic geometry

Gisbert Wüstholz (emeritus)
Research interests: transcendence, diophantine and arithmetic geometry

Group members  
Richard Pink, Özlem Imamoglu, Emmanuel Kowalski, Peter Jossen, Gisbert Wüstholz, Paul Nelson
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