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Master of Science in Statistics

Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century
Harvard Business Review, October 2012

Nowadays, statistical methods are essential in almost every field. Whether you analyse genomic data, credit card transactions or machine failures: in our infocentric world, making sense of massive amounts of data is the key to success, and the need for well-trained statisticians is ever-increasing.

The Master’s in Statistics at ETH Zurich addresses this challenge. By imparting solid knowledge and the necessary skills, it enables you to analyse and interpret the huge amounts of data that are produced routinely today. It is an excellent complement to your bachelor’s or master’s degree in any scientific discipline, turning you into an expert in statistical applications in your field and opening a wider array of excellent job opportunities. Read more

Advanced Studies in Applied Statistics

Please note: Most of the information concerning the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Applied Statistics is in German.

The course "Advanced Studies in Applied Statistics" at ETH Zurich is aimed at scientists - especially from the natural and technical sciences - for whom statistical data analysis forms an integral part of their work. In it, students learn about a wide-ranging selection of statistical methods for data analysis and modelling. Read more

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