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This page gives an overview of the different software bundles, their licensing and offered courses at the ETH Zurich. Feedback and information about new innovations are welcome (E-mail us at ).

The software mainly used at the Seminar for Statistics is R. It comes free under the GNU license.

The following statistical software bundles are licensed by ETH and can be obtained through IDES:

  • JMP
  • S-PLUS
  • SAS
  • SigmaPlot
  • SPSS
  • Systat

Furthermore there are lots of other software bundles, such as

  • BMDP
  • Data Desk
  • Genstat
  • Minitab
  • Statgraphics
  • Statistica

which are not available through IDES.


We offer courses for

On we also offer introductory courses for companies.

General information about acquiring statistical software at ETH

All statistical software bundles are available to highly reduced prices through IDES for ETH institutes. Further details can be found on the IDES website, the electronic online purchase and delivery system of the Informatikdienste. We recommend to all users of statistical software to sign in to the ETH-statuser mailing list, which allows first hand information about new software releases, offered courses, etc.

Research facilities

The ETH licenses are not limited to ETH only, but include also research facilities like EMPA, EAWAG, WSL and PSI.
Therefore these facilities can also profit from reduced prices at IDES.


Program manuals have to be ordered and paid for by the institutes themselves. Ordering addresses can be found in the above links for the corresponding software bundle.
Additionally most of the manuals can be viewed at the Seminar for Statistics, HG G15. If there are multiple copies available, there will also be the possibility to lend them for a limited period of time.

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