People at the Mathematics Library

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MathBib staff work closely with the Library Commission and the Department of Mathematics to adapt its services to the needs of its users.


Prof. Emmanuel Kowalski

Operational management

(Mon - Fri)
Catherine Maikoff (Fri)

(on maternity leave until 31 October 2016)

Student assistants

Grit Zwingenberger (Mon)
Mila Lewerenz (Tue)
Carlotta Conermann (Wed)
Jan Kleffmann (Thu)
Selina Waber (Fri)

Members of the Library Commission

Prof. Emmanuel Kowalski (Chair of the Commission)
Prof. Özlem Imamoglu
Prof. Alessandra Iozzi
Beatrice Hodel
Monika Krichel
Dr Hanspeter Scherbel
Claudio Sibilia (assistant representative)
Patrick Frank (student representative)

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