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ALSVID-UQ is the Multilevel Monte Carlo Finite Volume solver for uncertainty quantification in hyperbolic systems of conservation laws up to 3 space dimensions.

More information can be found at ALSVID-UQ Homepage.

BETL Boundary Element Template Library

BETL is a C++ template library for the discretisation of boundary integral operators. While it currently implements the discretisation of 3-dimensional boundary integral operators via Galerkin schemes its design principles allow also for the incorporation of other discretisation schemes such as, e.g., the still popular collocation methods.

Over the years this project has grown slightly bigger than it was originally expected. In its original form BETL was just intended to serve as set of methods with rather limited functionality for maintaining an existing industrial Boundary Element solver. Since then BETL has become a fully autonomous tool on which powerful Boundary Element applications can be build. BETL's strength lies in its use of well-known design principles in conjunction with state of the art C++ language features. This ensures the fast development of robust, extendable, and reliable numerical schemes and implementations which are somehow related to the discretisation of boundary integral operators.

More information can be found at BETL Homepage.


Concepts is a C++ class library to solve elliptic partial differential equations using various methods (hp-FEM, DGFEM and BEM). Several Ph.D. students are conducting their research using this software.

More information and a downloadable version can be found on the Concepts homepage.


Reusable building blocks for simulations with semiclassical wavepackets for solving the time-dependent Schrödinger equation.

Der Code ist auf Github

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