Keller, Christoph Andreas, Prof. Dr.

Prof. Dr.  Christoph Andreas Keller


ETH Zürich

Dep. of Mathematics 

Prof. Dr. Christoph Andreas Keller

Dep. Mathematik 

HG  G 23.2 

Rämistrasse 101

8092 Zürich


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Additional information

Research area

My research is in the mathematical structure of quantum field theory and string theory. I am interested in conformal field theories and their applications to physics and mathematics. Currently I am working on the conformal bootstrap and on modular invariance, with applications to AdS/CFT holography and to Calabi-Yau geometry.

Curriculum Vitae

I did my Ph.D. with Matthias Gaberdiel at ETH Zürich from 2006 through 2008. After that I spent a year as a postdoc at Harvard, three years as a McCone fellow at Caltech, and three years as a postdoctoral researcher at Rutgers University. In 2015 I moved to ETH Zürich.

Course Catalogue

Autumn Semester 2017

Number Unit
401-3177-67L Introduction to Vertex Operator Algebras 
401-5330-00L Talks in Mathematical Physics 
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