Vincent Tassion: newly appointed assistant professor

01.01.2017 | D-MATH News , Professorships

We warmly welcome our new faculty member, Professor Vincent Tassion.

Vincent Tassion's research interests are in the mathematical study of questions arising in statistical mechanics, and more precisely in percolation theory. He was appointed at the meeting of the ETH Board in May 2016.

ETH Board media release excerpt

Vincent Tassion

Dr Vincent Tassion (*1986), currently a post-doctoral student at the University of Geneva, as Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Vincent Tassion's area of research covers phase transitions in models of statistical physics – a key topic in probability theory. This work centres around describing and explaining physical and chemical phenomena using discrete models. In recent years, Vincent Tassion has grappled with a number of unanswered questions in this field, including phase transitions for three-dimensional models. He has succeeded in solving problems that had remained open for years. Through his appointment, ETH Zurich is gaining an outstanding young mathematician who will be a great asset to his colleagues and students.

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