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In 2015, the nominee selected for the Heinz Hopf Prize by the Professors' Conference of the Department of Mathematics is:

Claire Voisin

Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu, Paris, France


Award ceremony

Peter Bühlmann, Chair of the Department of Mathematics presented the prize at the award ceremony held on 2 November 2015.


Heinz Hopf Lectures

Diagonals in algebraic geometry

Claire Voisin


Recent developments in the Lüroth problem

Arnaud Beauville

K3 surfaces and syzygies of algebraic curves

Gavril Farkas  

On Chow groups of K3 surfaces

Daniel Huybrechts

Abstracts (PDF, 56 KB)

Young researchers, Claire Voising  
Claire Voisin surrounded by young researchers in front of the ETH Zurich Main Building
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