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26 June 2017
Pedro Manuel Passos de Sousa Vieira
Examiner: Prof. Dr. Benjamin Sudakov
Problems on Random Graphs and Set Systems HG G 19.1 
30 June 2017
Jana Janková
Examiner: Prof. Dr. Sara van de Geer
Asymptotic Inference in Sparse High-dimensional Models HG G 19.1 
3 July 2017
Benjamin Stucky
Examiner: Prof. Dr. Sara van de Geer
Asymptotic Confidence Regions and Sharp Oracle Results under Structured Sparsity HG G 19.1 
10 July 2017
Sylvain Robert
Examiner: Prof. Dr. Peter Bühlmann
Ensemble Kalman Particle Filters for High-Dimensional Data Assimilation HG G 19.1 
12 July 2017
Denis Devaud
Examiner: Prof. Dr. Christoph Schwab
hp-Approximation of Linear Parabolic Evolution Problems in H^{1/2} HG G 19.1 
13 July 2017
Bledar Fazlija
Examiner: Prof. Dr. Brent Doran
Convex Bodies, Cox-rings and Quotients HG G 19.1 
19 July 2017
Claudio Sibilia
Examiner: Prof. Dr. Giovanni Felder
Homological Pairs on Simplicial Manifolds HG G 19.1 

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Past exams


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