Autumn Semester 2016

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Number Unit Lecturer
401-0243-00L Analysis III  M. Larsson
401-0363-10L Analysis III  M. Soner
401-0613-00L Probability and Statistics  J. Teichmann
401-3910-66L Mean Field Games  M. Soner,
M. Burzoni
401-3913-01L Mathematical Foundations for Finance  M. Schweizer,
E. W. Farkas
401-3925-00L Non-Life Insurance: Mathematics and Statistics  M. V. Wüthrich
401-4611-66L Rough Path Theory and Regularity Structures  J. Teichmann,
D. Prömel
401-4889-00L Mathematical Finance  M. Schweizer
401-4947-66L elective course <title tba>  P. Cheridito
401-5910-00L Talks in Financial and Insurance Mathematics  M. V. Wüthrich,
P. Cheridito,
M. Schweizer,
M. Soner,
J. Teichmann
406-0353-AAL Analysis III  M. Soner
406-2604-AAL Probability and Statistics  M. Soner
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