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January 11-15, 2016

Random processes and random media: A conference on the occasion of Alain-Sol Sznitman's 60th birthday

Organisers: Gérard Ben Arous (New York University), Erwin Bolthausen (Universität Zürich), Vladas Sidoravicius (New York University / NYU-Sh), Wendelin Werner (ETH Zürich)

20 January 2016

Abel in Zurich

15 to 16 April 2016

Number Theory Days 2016

Organisers: Emmanuel Kowalski (ETH Zürich), Philippe Michel (EPF Lausanne)

23 to 27 May 2016

Probabilistic and Extremal Combinatorics

Organiser: Benjamin Sudakov (ETH Zürich)

06 to 10 June 2016

Analysis in the Large - Calculus of Variations, Dynamics, Geometry … In honour of Helmut Hofer

Organiser: Paul Biran (ETH Zürich), Tristan Rivière (ETH Zürich), Claude Viterbo (École Normale Supérieure)

22 to 26 August 2016

Discrete Optimization

Organiser: Robert Weismantel (ETH Zürich) and Rico Zenklusen (ETH Zürich)

1 to 4 November 2016

Transport phenomena in collective dynamics: from micro to social hydrodynamics

Organiser: Gianluca Crippa (Universität Basel), Siddhartha Mishra (ETH Zürich) and Eitan Tadmor (University of Maryland / ETH-ITS Zürich)

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