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Publications and Preprints

All of my preprints can be found on ArXiv, some also on the preprint servers of the Erwin Schrödinger Institute, or of the Mittag-Leffler-Institute. My list of publications can be found at MathSciNet's search for Josef Teichmann or at Zentralblatt's search results for Josef Teichmann.

Articles of general interest

Working Papers

  • Josef Teichmann: A Note on enlargeable Fréchet-Lie Algebras, working paper, 2001.
  • Damir Filipovic, Josef Teichmann: On Finite-dimensional Term Structure models (ps, pdf, arXiv/0201204), working paper, 2002.
  • Friedrich Hubalek, Josef Teichmann, Robert Tompkins: Flexible complete models with stochastic volatility generalising Hobson-Rogers (pdf), working paper, 2004.

Doctoral Thesis

  • Josef Teichmann: Infinite dimensional Lie Theory from the point of view of Functional Analysis (ps, pdf), PhD Thesis, University of Vienna, 1999.